Let’s Go To The Church… To Mop, Dust And Wash – A Wonderful Way Of Cleaning Our Mind

Hi, there!

Dear friends, we are a small team of volunteers, who believe that the internal need of being a real person, doing good deals and making others happier is a great human mission.

We also believe that among some of you we’ll find friendly fellowship for a very important task before Christmas. It is time to think not only for presents and exciting celebrating moments. It is time for a little bit humility and for cleaning our souls, bodies and why not …the church nearby!

The churches, synagogues and other religious facilities are holy places of our faith and hope for wellbeing and blessed future. So it is not so bad idea to take care of these buildings and halls before Christmas time. We are not a commercial cleaning company, but a group of volunteers. Think about which of your friends and neighbours, men, women and families will desire to enter the church with the mission to wash the space around.

Such participation should be a great memory for you, interesting teambuilding for your colleagues and a useful behaviour for your kiddos. The idea for mopping, dusting and washing our favourite church is a wonderful way to come together as a responsible community, to clean our mind and find new friends.

Thank you in advance and Good luck in all of your deals and activities